Keep4rest is world 1st hair loss prevention towel

Reduce Hair Loss Upto 85%


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What is Keep4rest?

Keep4rest is a new invention designed specifically to prevent hair loss.

Drying your hair with Keep4rest can reduce hair loss by up to 85% compared to using regular towels. (Self-investigation result)

Keep4rest = Keep Forest.
It means our mission is protecting the precious forest that everyone has.

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Keep4rest in details

Keep4rest is World 1st Hair Loss Prevention Towel:

Keeping your hair with Keep4rest can reduce hair loss by up to 85%

How can it be?

Keep4rest towels absorb water very very very well. You do not have to rub strongly to dry your hair. 

It simply absorbs water quickly by pressing it gently against your head. Because there is no physical impact on the hair, it prevents the hair from falling out.

Already moderately dry hair reduces the use time of hair dryers, so it also reduces hair scalp irritation and hair loss.


Wait a minute, Isn't it natural to lose hair when washing my hair?

Of course, it is normal for older hair to fall naturally and to have new hair.

But what if healthy hair is pulled out of it due to excessive physical impact?

And what happens to your hair in years after it accumulates every day?


Then, what is the principle that keep4rest absorbs water well?

Keep4rest is made of specially customized microfibers. Microfiber is a thin fiber that is only 1/100 of the diameter of a hair cigarette. It transforms the surface of the yarn into a special structure that is not circular so that it has a very large surface area.

This promotes capillary action, allowing more moisture to swallow than normal towels. It also increases the surface area in contact with the air to make it dry faster.


Is not microfiber towel already common?

Although many products that utilize microfiber are already on the market, Keep4rest has been specially designed to PREVENT HAIR LOSS ONLY through long research.

We have developed the unique physical structure of the fabric and have developed special after treatment process that further maximizes the ability to absorb moisture.

In addition, by adding our own secret recipe that promotes hair re-growth, we have made the best towel for hair loss prevention that no one can follow.

Keep4rest’s unique technology will reduce your hair loss and make up a little bit of difference that will make your appearance much younger than your friends in years.


Features You May Love

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Made in
South Korea

Because we needed high-quality manufacturing technology in Korea to implement our technology at 100%.

Ultra soft
& lightweight

It is really really soft and incredibly lighter than plain cotton towels.

Bad Odor

Antibacterial treatment prevents harmful bacteria and bad odor.

Hanging Loop

You can conveniently hang it in an area with good air flow.

Stitched Hem

Sturdy stitched and durable, it can be used for a long time.

30 Days
Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the performance of Keep4rest in any reason, simply return it for a full refund.


More Details

Right washing method

The amazing performance of the Keep4rest towel comes from the physical structure of the towel and special after treatment. Special after treatment is the coating of textile tissue to allow water to be absorbed more quickly.

If a fabric softener is used, it may destroy the water-absorbing ability of the towel by breaking the special treatment coating. So do not use fabric softener. Never.

And we recommend neutral detergent and shampoo when washing.

How to use it

You do not have to rub strongly to dry your hair. Just gently tap it on your head like following video.

Why Select Us?

We are the only company that focuses solely on the solution to prevent hair loss. Keep4rest is an invention created by Edward (Founder of Keep4rest) trying to solve his hair loss problem. There has been a lot of effort and many experiments to develop this product.

We know that a lot of imitators will come out in the future.

Maybe they can mimic the appearance of our products, but they can not imitate our original technology.

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